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I want to go to this exact point and run around it saying “I’m in Sweden!” I’m in Finland!” “I’m in Norway!” until I get tired

i aspire to great things in life

According to Google Maps, that point is in the middle of a small lake.

So we’ll do it in January when it’s frozen.

actually that’s why they’ve helpfully dropped a big-ass cement block with a bridge surrounding it in the middle of the lake: for the express purpose of doing what OP aspires to do

I need to go there. Who is with me?


Endless list of favorite characters: »> Kuchiki Rukia ««

"A Shinigami has to treat all spirits equally! You cannot just conveniently save those you can see, those you can reach. Don’t save that kid with such half-heartedness. If you want to save him now… accept that you must save all spirits. To go anywhere for them… to even give your life to save them, make that kind of commitment!

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